#MOODBOARD MONDAY | Morocco on my mind

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Happy Monday!

I hope you are ready for a great week ahead, I know I am! As this hits your inbox I am en route to Morroco! All on my own! It will be a long day of travel but without a toddler, it will be plenty of time to sleep, read, and lounge.

I am heading to Marrakech to meet up with a group of like-minded women for a creative retreat. We are going to be photographing, discussing mindful business, slow living, and of course enjoying the amazing food and lively streets of the city. I discovered retreats a few years back and find it a great way to travel solo to a new destination while having a purpose and making new friends.

I am looking forward to getting a glimpse into a culture that is completely foreign to me. I can almost smell the mint tea, dusty streets and visualize the bustling Medina. My plan to travel light could majorly backfire on my shopping capabilities.

I promise to share more after I return. But tell me, have you been to Marrakech before!?  Also, if you could jet off tomorrow where would you like to go for a retreat and of what kind?



Image Source // Riad | Tea setting | Tablesetting | Door