#MOODBOARD MONDAY | The Creative Process

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Happy Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend welcoming the month of November. 

Today I’m excited to share a peek into the process of creating a new print collection! (Official print launch coming later this month) 

So as you know from what I share here I spend a lot of my days finding my calm and photographing florals in my studio. I also venture out to botanical gardens and when I’m traveling I always find myself in search of interesting flowers and plants from the area. 

The more I spent time around these places the plant varieties started to resemble the texture of hair to me. I guess 15 years of having my hands in it day in and day out will do that to you. 

It got me thinking, what if I could interpret how I saw these textures of plants into hairstyles? 

If you’re anything like my mother you have a blank stare right now not knowing what I’m picturing but I promise soon enough it will all come to life.

I brought my first model in last week and started creating the botanical wigs and shooting the collection. I’m really excited about this one you guys! 

Today’s Moodboard Monday is a little sneak peek at what is floating around in my head. I’m looking forward to transferring my vision through the lens and to share more very soon! 

In saying this, I am also looking for subjects to photograph. If you or anyone you know are comfortable in front of the camera and interested, send me a message for more details.

Happy creating beautiful people! 



Image Sources: B&W AfroB&W curly hair