What A Year of Creative Exploration Has Taught Me

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A little self-reflection on what this last year of exploration has brought to my life.

Let me tell ya, it wasn’t without its challenges. One year ago I closed my hairstyling business and decided to set all client work aside to create for myself again. A career change with no end path. It has been eye-opening, challenging, and so much more rewarding than I could have imagined.

I thought I would have much more time in my days than I did. Insert the biggest lesson was learning time management. I feel like most of the process for me was getting my head right and understanding I take on way more than is possible in this season of life. Unrealistic expectations. It’s a beautiful thing when you allow yourself to be content with what you have already accomplished.


A word I still struggle with.

When I hear content I hear lacking ambition. Doesn’t want more from life. But maybe it also means happy with what you have. Not always reaching for…but living in the moment.

I don’t think I’m one to not reach but I do believe I could allow myself the celebration of what is there. The calm of what can be when you slow down. Most importantly the grace that raising a human is an accomplishment in itself.

Self-discovery and change can be a hard and messy process. This growth was kickstarted by motherhood and carried out by my will to want to always be learning and growing.

I have gained back time for myself, my energy and the passion for a medium I should have never of let go of.

It has only just begun. .