A Journey to Find My Calm

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I only knew the hustle, the grind to keep up with the demand. My journey was kickstarted by motherhood and carried out by my will to always be learning and growing.  I had given 14 years behind the chair to my clients and I felt it was time for a season of change. To break the tie between income and happiness, that I had hung onto for so long. I set out to find my calm and explore what it is that brings me and in turn my family the most joy.

I fell back in love with photography as an art. A medium I had been using only as a means to a dollar. I got off track and was no longer creating how I wished to. I found beauty in stillness. In the way the light streamed through my studio window against a blank wall. In a wilted flower hanging from a stem. I played with light, shadow, and tones to evoke how I felt. Many times I would shoot without any music. Just my thoughts to keep me entertained.

The journey was not without its challenges. I set free the artist within me and searched for my place in the visual world. I found my voice and gave into the vulnerability it is to share my struggles and story of never feeling content.

I let fear guide my way and trusted the process of growth. Will I be ok? What will people think? I explored every uncomfortable feeling and thought that came my way. I explored what it meant to be mindful and slow down.

Self-discovery is a messy process but one that has great potential. I have found a calm within me I never knew was there. I have quieted the voice that tells me you are not good enough and replaced it with “YOU ARE ENOUGH.”

This Journey Collection is my premier collection. A set of images from my year of exploration. Each image on its own represents a piece of the journey, together they are a story of growth and renewal.

My hope is that these images transport you to a place in your mind that sets your worries free. A place that is your moment of calm.

I am grateful you can share this journey of self-discovery with me. As it has only just begun.

Limited release of The Journey Collection has officially closed.

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